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Welcome on the website of the DESERT FOOD Foundation. Thank you for your interest in the project and the time you want to spend with us.

The definition of what DESERT FOOD is doing, lies in itself: We will grow FOOD in the DESERT. GREENING the DESERT is a dream of mankind. Many ambitious efforts have brought many results, but to achieve efficiency was previously a high threshold.

Today we are facing technological development steps, higher efficiencies and thus lower costs, which have changed the situation fundamentally. By combining state of the art green technology of the sectors Solar Energy, Water Desalination, Agricultural Engineering and Landscaping the DESERT FOOD Initiative will reach a convincing environmental and economic breakthrough for the production of food on large community farms in arid and semiarid regions.

The result will be a stable community and a national economy which is independent from food market speculations. Naturally we will not solve the hunger problems of every country in the world, but we can help a big part of them to help themselves.



desertifikation clip

Desertification is a silent killer

desertifikationisasilentkiller clip