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Welcome on the website of the DESERT FOOD Foundation!

Thank you for your interest in the project and the time you want to spend with us!

The definition of what DESERT FOOD is doing, lies in itself: We will grow FOOD in the DESERT. GREENING the DESERT is a dream of mankind. Many ambitious efforts have brought many results, but the implementation of a holistic economic and ecologic concept has not been achieved yet. To realise this for the very first time is the vision of the founder Martin A. Schoeller.

“Help people to help themselves” – agriculture as breeding ground for new life opportunities

State of the art farming methods who achieve high productivity have changed the situation fundamentally: to realize these methods now in arid regions is our challenge. The basis is a combination of new and efficient technologies like solar energy to generate electricity and, as a consequence to that, water desalination, highly efficient drip irrigation, qualified fertilization and the selection of appropriate  vegetable-plants.
The paradigm change herein is: no burning of fossil material like oil and gas, no waste of water, optimum use of seeds and fertilization. In addition to this, local people receive a substantial on-site agricultural training. DESERT FOOD achieves to become a pioneer in economic and ecological food production in arid and semi-arid regions.

Pioneering task for Martin A. Schoeller, founder of the Foundation

The founder, Martin A. Schoeller has examined this issue for many years. Developing step by step self-sufficient valuable habitats out of a small nucleus is the core of his pioneer-spirit. Thus, nowadays inhospitable regions, will be refined into highly prospective areas, thanx to cutting edge knowledge, methods and technologies. Within the last two years  the DESERT FOOD Knowledge Centre has brought  sustainable concepts  to  successful conclusion  - in cooperation with Universities, Agricultural Institutes, and the Advisory Board. It was not easy, to assemble the knowledge modules of mainly German agricultural know how and to transform them, ready to be put in practice, for arid regions. The DESERT FOOD concept provides not only to change the costal areas of deserts into a new source of life in the long run, but also to enlarge these areas step by step inland. Food, prosperity and jobs shall come into being in those areas, where up until now it has been almost impossible.

Naturally, through this action, not all the hunger related problems in the world can be solved, but it is a valuable start for a best practice contribution to realise sustainable and long lasting self-aid and consequently alleviating poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods. Furthermore it is a possible solution regarding the most important issue of our generation: the worldwide refugee problem!

Biggest human catastrophe of today: refugee crisis

Not long ago, in October 2013,  370 people died on the coast of Lampedusa, crossing from Africa to Europe. This tragedy has opened everybody´s eyes regarding the dimension of the problem. Since then, the situation has got worse and worse.

Refugees  are trying to come to Europe in many different ways to find better living conditions, as they have no perspectives in their own countries. The biggest and most important refugee route goes over the East Mediterranean, followed by the central Mediterranean route coming from Lybia und Tunisia over Lampedusa and Malta to Sicily. The other big route is the Balkan route from Algeria or Marocco to Spain. Whereas in the total year of 2013 40.000 refugees came  to Italy by Sea, already 42.000 were coming from January until May 2014. Many of them from Syria, Marocco, Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria and other countries in the sub Saharan region.


All participants will win!

The aim is to find a solution where every participant will win: on the one hand the African countries, their inhabitants and refugees, on the other hand inhabitants of Europe, their politicians and the organisations who want to realise  “Helping people to help themselves” as pragmatic as possible.

Ready now: the pilot has been built!

Now we have started: The first DESERT FOOD Farm has been realised in an area, where two objectives can be reached at once: not only to be exemplary for the local people, but also for the refugees, located in these areas. Everyone shall have the chance to cooperate and to see with his own eyes, what can be developed out of the desert – an inhospitable area that can be transformed into valuable space to live.

The DESERT FOOD Foundation is discussing with governments in appropriate countries, to get additional areas where pilot-farms could be established. Worldwide organisations like the GIZ, the Federal Foreign Office, the agricultural support of the EU and the UNHCR, are willing to support the projects with know-how, contacts and international experience. Integration of possible partners and organisations in the countries themselves, DESERT FOOD will ensure the participation of the local population and the local refugees into the project from the beginning.

Call for support

Essential requirement is that the DESERT FOOD Foundation will be able to realise the financing of the pilot farm by herself. The expected impact of the pilot projects as a function of a pragmatic solution and life-aid for maybe hundred thousands of distressed people will reward everybody!

Your financial support is very important! Only with your donation we will be able to build the second DESERT FOOD Farm! 

The founder Martin A. Schoeller and the DESERT FOOD TEAM would like to thank you already now for your highly appreciated support!


Greenpeace Magazin: Die Regenmacher von Turkana

 Im Norden von Kenia hat der Klimawandel die Lebensgrundlage der Hirtenvölker zerstört. Doch einige Pioniere trotzen dem unsichtbaren Feind und lassen in einem Pilotprojekt die Wüste ergrünen: Aus Viehnomaden werden Bauern. Statt Kriege um Weideland zu führen, setzen sie auf Tröpfchenbewässerung. Der Kampf gegen den unbesiegbaren Feind beginnt mit einem Moment der Stille.


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Desert Food Foundation

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